Statement of Purpose

​What we are

​DFW Friends, Inc. is an informal social group of single people 21 years of age and older who share the "challenge" of the herpes virus. The group is a non-profit organization. DFW Friends, Inc. has been serving the singles of Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas since 1986.

W​hat we do

​The group members meet periodically every month for outdoor activities, theme parties, happy hours, group dinners, or just to enjoy good music and conversation with single "Friends". Many times during the year we meet at a member's home, and the gatherings are generally BYOB.

W​hat we seek

​DFW Friends, Inc. is looking for single men and women, who are friendly, respectable, well adjusted, and interested in expanding their circle of friends in pursuit of fun and companionship. Most prospective members attend one or two of our functions before deciding to join. (Married couples are welcome to join the group however, only single members are permitted to hold a seat on the board).

W​hat we ​try to be

DFW Friends, Inc. is NOT a dating service and we make NO attempt to "match" people.

DFW Friends, Inc. is NOT an educational or counseling group.
We do have a periodic event called "Pizza Talk" which is a "closed" event - meaning only group members and prospective new members will attend.
Questions about Herpes are permitted ONLY at this event.

There is also a local organization called Arlington Help that meets on the last Tuesday of every month. The Help group provides up-to-date medical information and support.

For information, contact the Planned Parenthood.

W​hat we need

​To cover the cost of mailing, advertising and this web site, we require a low yearly membership fee. Two complimentary newsletters will be sent to prospective members. Upon receipt of membership dues, the new member will receive the newsletter monthly for one full year.