Each month DFW Friends holds several events all over the DFW metroplex. The type of event can vary from a simple happy hour, to dinner & dancing, to activities like bowling, golfing and horseback riding. We even have camping trips and lake outings. We use the phrase “host it and they will come”. We have a diverse group of members and their tastes in activities reflect the same diversity. We are sure that you will find something that intrigues you and of course we are always open to fresh, new ideas for events. Come out and join the fun!

We have a couple of events that we keep on the calendar as standards:

  • Welcome Event – 1st weekend of the month

    All members are welcome to this event, but we especially encourage our new members to attend. It is typically a brunch or lunch event in a rather quiet environment that allows us to more easily talk and answer any questions that a new member may have.

  • Monthly Mixer – 2nd weekend of the month

    Each month this proves to be one of our most highly attended events. It is typically in a larger venue that offers drinks a dancing or game activities. Sometimes the event is extended to include dinner.

Our events are not publicized outside our community for the purpose of protecting the privacy of our group members. The details for events are available to our members via the events calendar on our Yahoo group page called DFW H Friends. The event details are also listed on the “Events” tab of the private Facebook secret group page.