Get Started – It’s free so why wait?

​You have already taken the first step by finding our website. Now you just need to keep moving forward​, join our group and you will be connected to a whole community of people who share at least one common "challenge" with you.

The DFW Friends group has several methods of communication with its members:

  • Yahoo Group Emails
  • Facebook Secret Group (private)
  • Face-to-face
  • Phone
Your level of participation with the group is truly up to you. We do, however, really encourage you to attend two or three events so that you can get to know us personally.

Yahoo Group Email

After joining our Yahoo group called DFW H Friends, you will have access to our events calendar and begin receiving the group emails. You can adjust your group preferences to receive all emails individually, as one daily email, or even to not receive any of the emails. Some people just like to have access to the group events calendar on the Yahoo group but rely on the Facebook group page for communication with the group instead of receiving the Yahoo group emails. The choice is yours.

Facebook Secret Group

Facebook has a feature called "Secret Groups" which allows people to form a totally private community that is only accessible through private invitation. Unless you are a member of a secret group, you can not view any information on the group or even find the group because it will not return as a result of a group search. The only way to join our Facebook secret group is to have an existing Facebook group member invite you. You can request a Facebook secret group invitation through the Yahoo group page or request it from a group administrator directly.

Our Facebook group page is a great way to get to know the members of our group. We chat, share information and joke around a lot through Facebook posts and comments every day. By the time you actually get to an event where you can meet the members, you already feel like you know them.

Not a Facebook guru but want to give it a try? No problem…we can walk you through the steps or even set up a learning session with a few members. Just let us know how we can help you.